Treadmill Meditation - Turn Tedium into Pleasure by Adding Mindfulness to Your Workout

  • Lets you exercise and meditate simultaneously
  • Strengthens your body while relaxing your mind
  • Helps make the treadmill experience timeless
  • Keeps your meditation focused

When you exercise, adding attention can help you enter a state of flow. Instead of wondering how you’ll get through a half-hour session, you literally take it one step at a time, living in the moment. Instead of trying to escape by watching TV or listening to music, you step into the situation, entering more deeply into the present.

Mindful walking is a traditional spiritual practice. Your treadmill time can become a treasured time-out from the rest of your busy life – a time for yourself, a time to experience your own sense of stillness in motion.


  1. Introduction to Treadmill Meditation (2 minutes)

  2. Body Scan (16 minutes)

  3. Emotion Scan (4 minutes)

  4. Walking and Breathing Meditation (17 minutes)

Treadmill Meditation has been re-released and is now available from the iTunes Store.

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